Planning Your Diet

In order to eat a healthy diet during pregnancy, you may need to make some changes to the foods you eat and how much you eat. This is not a bad thing. Before we talk about the foods that should be on your plate each meal, think about how you eat now.

What are my eating habits?

Make a list of the foods you have eaten over the last 3 days. Be sure to write down everything you ate. Put this list aside for a moment and we will come back to it.

Foods to Eat Every Day

  • Six servings of whole grains
  • Three servings of vegetables
  • Two servings of fruit
  • Two servings high in protein
  • Two servings of dairy products

Now that you know more about the foods you should be eating, compare this with the list of foods you have eaten over the past 3 days. Write down 3 specific changes to your eating habits that you will make. This may be to drink more water in place of soda pop, to eat more fruits and vegetables, or to cut back on sweets. Whatever your goals are, you can succeed!

Partner Up

Find a friend and tell them about your eating goals. Ask them if they will help you with the changes you want to make. Have them call you on the phone at least once a week to talk about how you have been eating. They may even want to make some changes to the way they eat, too! Having a partner will make healthy eating easier and may even be fun.

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