Program Description

Important Information for Fellowship Applicants starting July 2013
Contact: Linda Sparks at 410-328-5965

The Maternal Fetal Medicine fellowship program at the University of Maryland at Baltimore is designed to prepare its graduates to become leaders in the academic community and expert maternal-fetal medicine consultants. The program offers extensive and diverse clinical exposure to patients from a high risk inner-city population, a university based referral population, a statewide maternal transport service and a regional referral network for fetal therapy.

The Division of Perinatal Research and the Center for Studies in Reproduction provide opportunities for basic science research utilizing primate and rodent models and enjoy extensive NIH support. The Center for Advanced Fetal Care (CAFC) is active in all areas of prenatal testing and therapy, including first trimester nuchal translucency screening and laser photocoagulation for TTTS.

The Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine fully supports the fellowship. Collaboration with intensivists, OB anesthesiologists, geneticists, neonatologists, and pathologists provides an excellent educational experience.

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