Maternal and Fetal Medicine

While most pregnancies and births go smoothly, sometimes medical difficulties occur. The University of Maryland Medical Center is internationally recognized for its expertise in fetal medicine and its high level of excellence in care for both the fetus and mother. Our team of physicians brings more than 30 years of research experience and clinical success in comprehensive fetal testing and treatments, some of which are only available within our Division of Maternal and Fetal Medicine.

Our Center for Advanced Fetal Care is often the first choice by a mother-to-be for evaluating and treating fetal problems. State-of-the-art diagnostic services and treatments in high-risk pregnancies, including 3-D ultrasound, are readily employed by the center's team of perinatologists, geneticists, neonatologists and pediatric surgeons.

The Prenatal Genetics Counseling Program offers comprehensive clinical and laboratory services to diagnose and manage genetic abnormalities that may affect pregnancy. Our multidisciplinary approach includes clinical genetics, cytogenetics and biochemical genetics.

Our High-Risk Obstetrics Service assists expectant mothers with special concerns during pregnancy or who have a history of complicated pregnancy. Mothers-to-be are counseled regarding weight problems, high blood pressure, predisposing factors that could lead to early labor and other health issues that may affect pregnancy.

The University of Maryland Medical Center is also a leader in critical care obstetrics. At the hub of Maryland's Maternity ExpressCare system is our Perinatal Unit, which serves Shock Trauma and the entire University of Maryland network. If your baby comes early or has special needs, our neonatal intensive care unit is Maryland's largest and provides your little one with the most advanced care available.

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This page was last updated: August 28, 2014

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