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After Uterine Fibroid Surgery, Patient is Pain Free, Happy and Living Life

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My name is Arisha Moore. I went to the University of Maryland Medical Center because the gynecologist I had been seeing for years offered me only one option to treat my fibroids -- a hysterectomy. I was upset and confused when I called my sister. I asked who her doctor was, because I remember her speaking highly of him on numerous occasions. She referred me to Dr. Vadim Morozov, a gynecologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center who specializes in minimally invasive procedures.

I made the appointment with Dr. Morozov and we sat down to talk. The first time we met, there was something in his tone and honesty that made me feel secure. I told him I was afraid because I never had surgery before. Again, he was calm and assured me that I would be fine. He explained my options, and I chose to have a myomectomy. The next time I saw him was 30 days later on the morning of my surgery -- May 21, 2009.

We thought I had one small fibroid tumor approximately 3 cm in size. During the surgery, Dr. Morozov discovered another tumor underneath the visible one, so he also removed that one. I was in pain for a couple of days after surgery. I have had a toothache, given birth, and suffered from pain caused by the fibroid tumor, but the pain after I experienced after surgery was not nearly as bad as those experiences, which had caused me excruciating pain in the past.

I used to dread the days leading up to my monthly menstrual cycle, but not anymore. I am now pain free and have no fear. I am happy and living life.

I thank Dr. Morozov for taking great care of me and for his comforting words when I was afraid. His confidence made me comfortable. Most doctors whom I have dealt with did not seem to care about how I felt, but Dr. Morozov listened and allowed me to express myself. He answered all my questions and he told me what I needed to hear -- that I was going to be all right.

I have recommended so many people to Dr. Morozov without him knowing it. He has performed surgery on friends and family of mine, and everyone is pleased. He has more new patients coming. I talk about his work at the beauty salon, at girls' nights out and any time the conversation comes up about fibroid tumors. My success story ends with me saying, 'Thank God for Dr. Vadim Morozov.' I am now pain free and thinking about having a baby in the future.

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