Stork's Nest Program

Pregnant women who don't get regular, prenatal care are at risk of going into labor prematurely, having babies that weigh less than five and a half pounds and having babies that have birth defects or don't survive at all.

That is why we have joined the March of Dimes and the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority to encourage pregnant women to seek out the care they need. Women who participate in the Stork's Nest Program at the University of Maryland can enroll in free parenting classes and get referrals to a variety of community resources. They can also earn points towards infant and toddler clothing, diapers, car seats, boosters and baby carriers.

Women who join the University of Maryland's Stork's Nest program must be planning on delivering at the University of Maryland Medical Center. They must also be at the beginning of their pregnancies since the program is designed to help women have healthy pregnancies from the start.

In addition to attending all prenatal classes and doctors' appointments, women in the program must also commit to following through once their babies are born. Stork's Nest mothers must make sure their babies receive all of their scheduled immunizations on time, and get regular, routine care.

For more information about the Stork's Nest Program, call 410-328-6997.

This page was last updated: June 18, 2013

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