Tips from the Dietitian

Being Fully Alive

Tips from CWM Registered Dietitian Mary Beth Sodus

Every person who comes to our office has many questions about what life will be like after gastric bypass surgery. What I tell people is that after gastric bypass surgery they will be able to live life to the full in a completely satisfying manner.

Participating Fully

If you want stunning results, you will have to participate fully in your recovery. Your gastric bypass journey is worth it, but it is an intense journey, and changes big and small will happen. To participate fully in making life the best it can be for your new self, you will need to deal with changes that will often be difficult. Among the hardest things to do will be giving yourself at least 30 minutes each day to reflect on your new self and your new feelings about food and making yourself exercise.

Transforming Fully

Even as you welcome your new self, you will be saying goodbye to so much. Almost immediately, most of our patients say that even though they do not feel constantly hungry (particularly during the first six months), they grieve all that losing their appetite means.

Over the years, we have learned so much from our patients about their need to say goodbye to the life they lived prior to surgery. They tell us that food commercials often trigger old behaviors that must be overcome. They know that no matter how appealing the ads are, fast and fried foods are off the menu, soft drinks are forbidden, and snacking is no longer a good choice. Many miss coffee and pastry breaks with friends or find themselves remembering all the times they took too many helpings or ate a second dinner, just because it tasted good.

Transforming those old behaviors into a new, healthy lifestyle can cause anxiety, friction, and pain. It helps to think of the incredible transformation you'll go through as heating ore to separate the precious metal. Your surgery is about your physical transformation. You will have a new pouch that permits you to feel full with just two to three ounces of food. Your surgery is about a new you that you will need to support by learning and practicing the skills and behaviors of a healthy lifestyle.

Celebrating Fully

We are here to educate and support you before and after your surgery. We want you to have a happy healthy life that is always enhanced by your commitment to high-quality nutrition, consistent exercise, and finding time for yourself. We love hearing from all of our patients ”“ most of whom tell us they had no idea how wonderful they would feel being healthy and thin.

Your weight loss will take about a year.
Your new choices will last a lifetime.

Let us celebrate each milestone "big and small" with you.

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