Bariatric Surgery Unit

Photo of the nurses stations on the new surgical floor Nurses' stations on the bariatric surgical floor are more spacious and technologically advanced.

Bariatric surgery patients have a tailor-made space on the new Surgical Acute Care Unit located on the fifth floor of the Weinberg Building inside the University of Maryland Medical Center.

The 32-bed unit also includes service for patients recovering from a variety of surgical procedures including operations for cancer, lung disease, urological problems, and ear, nose and throat disorders.

Dr. Mark Kligman, director of the Center for Weight Management & Wellness, says the unit is specifically designed for bariatric surgery patients.

“Not only does the Surgical Acute Care Unit on Weinberg 5 have state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities, which are necessary for patient safety following bariatric surgery, but the rooms were specifically designed for the comfort of bariatric surgery patients and their families,” states Dr. Kligman.

For example, each room on Weinberg 5 has doorways that open wider as needed, extra-sturdy bathroom fixtures that are floor mounted to support post-surgical patients who might need to lean on them and a loveseat that folds flat. The furniture is bigger, sturdier, and generously built for the comfort and safety of bariatric patients.

Beverly Dukes, R.N., M.S., patient care services manager on Weinberg 5, says one of the main advantages of the unit is the private rooms. “That's the biggest plus -- they are all private rooms. Because of the larger size of rooms, family members can sleep over. The whole unit is more patient and more family focused,” said Dukes.

In addition, the unit itself is larger, which will help patients walk sooner after surgery, which will help speed recovery. “There's more room to practice walking,” says Dukes.

Poto of a newly-renovated briatric room

Private patient rooms on Weinberg 5 are all large enough for family members to sleep over.

“The unit also features a nice environment, with great scenery and a nice waiting area for families.”

All the rooms in the unit have monitoring capabilities so that nurses can keep patients on the unit even if they need more intermediate care for a short period of time. That intermediate care can be provided right on the floor, allowing nurses to provide more continuous care.

Another advantage of the unit is that it's located just two flights up from the operating rooms, so family members can wait for the patients in their rooms.

by Michelle W. Murray

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