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The primary clinical activity of the Division of Vascular Surgery is the care of patients with vascularproblems, particularly those problems that require surgical treatment, such as:

We also offer treatment for a wide variety of non-surgical problems such as lymphedema, arteritis, occupational vascular disorders, coagulation disorders, and problems with deep vein thrombosis.

Specialty care of vascular problems is provided to our patients from the metropolitan Baltimore area as well as patients throughout the state of Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region who are referred for state-of-the-art vascular treatments.


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The Division of Vascular Surgery at UMMS has a residency training program in Vascular Surgery, the first such program approved in the State of Maryland. Our trainees have already made significant contributions in clinical surgery, academic medicine, and to the military service of our country.

The Division also provides specialty education for medical students, surgical residents in other specialties, nurses, vascular technologists, and other paramedical personnel.

We sponsor a regular series of CME activities which have ranged from local community programs to major regional and national symposia.


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The Division of Vascular Surgery has become well recognized for its important clinical research in the areas of carotid artery disease, venous thromboembolism, and renal artery disease. The Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory has pioneered the development of diagnostic tests that can detect vascular problems without risk or discomfort for the patient. Nationwide, the University of Maryland has been a pioneer in the development of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

The Division performs basic scientific research that helps physicians caring for vascular patients understand the causes of their problem and aids the search for newer and better treatments.

The professional staff of the Division of Vascular Surgery is available 24 hours a day to provide care for patients with vascular problems. If you wish to refer a patient, call our office at 410-328-5840. You can reach us at OneCall 1-800-492-5538

For patient inquiries, call 410-328-5840 and e-mail us at MarylandVascularCenter@smail.umaryland.edu

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