Evaluation of Residents

The residents are evaluated at three-month intervals by all faculty having contact with the resident during the particular period. Although specific attendings may ask for input by other residents, there is no formal input by residents regarding other residents. Residents are evaluated on the six competencies delineated by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). All evaluations are performed via the web-based Urology Resident Evaluation System provided by the Residency Review Committee and the ACGME. Each resident is required to electronically maintain duty hours and on-going surgical logs to ensure the appropriate number of procedures are being performed.

Specifically, attendings are asked to evaluate residents for each rotation on the following points:

  • H&P, progress notes, chart documentation, dx and rx plan

  • Conference attendance, punctuality, preparation

  • Basic medical knowledge, clinical application

  • Surgical judgment

  • Preparation & technical abilities in the O.R.

  • Postoperative care

  • Initiative, industry, interest, attention

  • Responsibility and reliability

  • Professional appearance and attitude

  • Relationship with patients and co-workers

  • Overall evaluation

Every six months, the Urology Program Director meets individually with each resident regarding their progress. The American Urological Association In-Service Examination results are reviewed with the resident. At these meetings, the resident is informed of the general progress they are making and where they need to improve. Failure to improve in specific areas on consecutive meetings would result in probation.

Evaluation of Faculty

Resident evaluation of faculty is done anonymously and includes rating the faculty on the following points:

  • Availability for consultation

  • Availability for emergencies

  • Allowance of resident responsibility for patient care

  • Didactic teaching

  • Journal Club teaching

  • Patient care teaching

  • Scientific teaching

  • Surgical experience

  • Teaching intraoperatively

Evaluation of the Residency Program

Evaluation of the urology residency program is performed each year by the Program Director. The University of Maryland Medical Center also reviews the urology training program which is included in the five-year internal review. The AUA In-Service Examinations and the American Board of Urology Part I Examinations are used to evaluate the overall education of the residents.

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