Milligan Family

We are William and Kathy Milligan, and we visited your office last month with a case of early onset TTTS. The 5th week sonogram noticed a discrepancy in the amount of amniotic fluid.

We are just letting you know that Kathy went into early labor and delivered the recipient baby (Baby A-alive) and the donor baby (Baby B-stillborn) on October 8, 2007. The babies were estimated to be 18 weeks and 2 days of age.

We want to thank you for the wonderful care and attention we received during our impromptu visit. You and your staff were knowledgeable, skilled and professional and we couldn't have asked for a better experience other than the obvious! Thank you again and keep doing what your doing -- it goes noticed.


Billy and Kathy Milligan

For detailed assessment, call the Center for Advanced Fetal Care at 1-888-349-8946 (FIX-TWIN).