Convenient Options for Out-of-State Patients

If you are already on a primary wait list for liver transplant at another center outside of Maryland, you can take advantage of innovative technologies to learn more about double- or multiple-listing with the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) via the Liver Transplant Program’s E-Visit Option.

What is an E-Visit?

The e-visit program is an innovative, highly successful, remote-care strategy to increase access to liver transplantation, allowing you to be conveniently evaluated from the comfort of your home, and possibly transplanted sooner. You can meet and interact with the providers via desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone. To schedule a conversation with the liver team, call 410-328-5941.

How Does E-Visits Work?

Through the use of video apps on your smart phone, tablet or computer, the e-visit program allows you to have a private, “real time” conversation with a liver transplant surgeon and nurse coordinator at UMMC.

You should plan to reserve one hour for the meeting. A caregiver is encouraged to join, if possible. The surgeon will discuss multiple listing and the wait listing process at UMMC. You are encouraged to ask questions and get to know the surgeon and coordinator, who will become your main point of contact for additional questions. During the meeting, neither you nor the surgeon is committed to placing you on the wait list or accepting a position on the liver transplant wait list.

Who Are the Best Candidates for the E-Visit Program?

The E-visit program is especially appealing to:

• Patients with liver cancer who are able to travel.
• Patients who have identified a living liver donor.

What are the criteria for Multiple Listing?

• You must be able to arrive at UMMC in Baltimore, MD within 12 hours of an organ becoming available for transplant.
• You must understand that transplant surgery is performed at UMMC in Baltimore.
• You can expect approximately one week of recovery as an in-patient at UMMC.
• You must secure lodging in Baltimore for one week AFTER discharge from UMMC to ensure that you can attend follow-up appointments with the UMMC team before being released for long-term follow-up in your hometown. Our Concierge Services team can assist you in planning your time in Baltimore.

The goal of the UMMC liver transplant team continues to be helping patients get the life-saving transplant care they need by increasing access to information and providing the highest standards of care.

If you meet the criteria listed above, we encourage you to contact the Transplant office at (410) 328-3444 to schedule an e-visit or in-person meeting with the liver team.

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