Before transplant

Once patients have been approved for the liver transplant wait list, their pre-transplant coordinator will become the main point of contact between the transplant team and the patient and their family. To reach the liver transplant coordinators, patients may call the main Transplant office at 410-328-5408.

Patients on the transplant wait list are encouraged to attend the monthly Transplant Patient Education Series to learn more about what to expect before, during and after transplantation. 

The transplant team will work with the patient and their primary care physician and/or referring doctor to monitor the patient's health status, including bloodwork and random screening for substance abuse. 

Patient Education
Having a liver transplant is an intimidating process. The transplant team spends as much time as needed with each patient and his/her family to help address questions and concerns and prepare for the transplant. Patients on the transplant wait list learn about:

  • Normal functions of the liver
  • Common symptoms of liver disease
  • Dietary issues
  • UNOS and the waiting list
  • Organ donation process
  • Surgical procedure
  • Medications to take after the transplant to reduce the risk of rejection
  • Post-transplant follow-up visits with the surgical team and hepatology

To speak with someone about our services, please call 1-800-492-5538. Physicians may call 1-800-373-4111.

This page was last updated: August 22, 2014

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