Paired Kidney Exchange

About the Paired Kidney Exchange Program

The paired kidney exchange (PKE) program at the University of Maryland Medical Center is designed for patients who have a living donor who is otherwise healthy and suitable for donation but incompatible with their intended recipient. The program is an opportunity not all centers are able to offer, in part due to the complexity of the organization necessary to plan these procedures either within the institution or with other medical centers. This may require flying an organ to another part of the country or operating very early in the morning or late at night to minimize the time the organ is waiting to be transplanted.

UMMC participates in several paired kidney exchange programs, regionally and nationally, including the National Kidney Registry

Everyone is now an 'opportunity' for one another.

Our standards of evaluation and safety of living donation are the highest in the country. We believe our standards must be even higher for donors in the PKE program, as they most often have never met the intended recipient of their donated kidney. 

We continue to look for new and better answers for patients seeking to avoid the effects of end-stage renal disease. We can no longer look at incompatibility with a living donor as an excuse to deny kidney disease patients the Gift of Life. 

Patient Success Story

For more information about our PKE program, please contact our Transplant office at 410-328-5408.

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