Heart Transplant

About Our Heart Transplant Program

The University of Maryland Medical Center's Heart Transplantation Program has saved the lives of hundreds of patients who have received transplants.

By replacing hearts which have ceased to function effectively, the program has given new life -- new energy and new possibilities -- to people whose lives had been restricted by debilitating disease.

In addition, the lives of hundreds of other patients have been greatly improved by identifying other treatments that successfully postponed or prevented the need for transplant.

Heart transplantation is just one of a spectrum of treatment options offered for heart patients at the University of Maryland.

For appropriate patients, we may be able to offer new medical treatments or experimental drug trials (research), biventricular pacing, and artificial heart/mechanical circulatory support as options.

UMMC's transplant program is unique in the region in offering the full spectrum of surgical and non-surgical options available to our patients. This allows us to tailor our approach to each individual patient by utilizing experts from many different cardiovascular and thoracic specialties throughout the hospital. In addition, we are committed to developing promising new approaches to the care of individuals with end-stage heart and lung disease. In this way we are often able to offer patients who have no other good choices an opportunity to participate in clinical research trials that are not available elsewhere.

We have built a team of exceptionally well-trained, committed and gifted physicians, nurses, social workers, researchers and counselors whose special expertise guarantees that patients receive the best treatment available. We are confident that as new advances are made -- and as we help to make them -- we will be able to help more people in the future.

Please call if you would like to make an appointment or talk to someone about our services. Patients dial 1-800-492-5538, physicians dial 410-328-6622 or 1-800-318-1019.

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