Research and Clinical Trials

Researchers within the Division of Transplantation at the University of Maryland Medical Center areDr. Barth in lab committed to investigating new ways to advance the science of transplantation and ensure better futures for patients in need of transplant or for those who are already living with organ transplants.

The research within the Division of Transplantation falls into several categories: 

  • Inducing tolerance - teaching the body to accept a foreign graft, such as a transplanted organ, without rejection and with limited or no immunosuppression. 
  • Immunosuppression medications and medication management - testing the latest medications or combinations of medications to prevent rejection while reducing the "pill burden" on patients and creating protocols that demonstrate long-term success with fewer side effects.
  • Increasing the number of available donor organ - through tissue regeneration and systematic sourcing of available organs.
  • Advancements in surgical technique - use of new operative tools, materials and techniques, including the single-incision laparoscopic surgery used on living kidney donors. 

This page was last updated: December 4, 2013

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