Entering the Transplant Program

Patient Information for Recipients and Living Donors

Patients hoping to receive a pancreas, liver and/or kidney can save time by printing, completing and bringing this patient questionnaire to their first appointment. Those interested in becoming a living kidney donor or a living liver donor can download the respective questionnaires and contact the Transplant office at 410-328-5408.

Most transplant candidates are referred to the program by their primary doctor, specialist, social worker or nurse. Patients may also enter by calling the program directly.

The process for an abdominal transplant begins with a call to the Transplant Program Office, which can be reached at (410) 328-5408.

The receptionist makes an appointment and mails a written confirmation and registration form to each patient.

Potential transplant recipients are asked to fill out the registration form beforehand and bring it to the evaluation. They should also have their medical records transferred to the Transplant Office from their referring physician before the evaluation appointment. If this is not possible, patients should bring their medical records to the evaluation appointment.

Support person and potential living organ donors are encouraged to attend the initial evaluation.

Transplantation Evaluation

The goal of the evaluation is to talk to candidates about all aspects of transplantation and to decide if transplant surgery is appropriate.

This session includes a medical history, physical exam and an education session.

The evaluation lasts about three hours and takes place at the Transplant Program Office, 29 S. Greene Street, Room 200 (directly across from the main Hospital).

During the evaluation, potential recipients are seen by a transplant surgeon and medical specialists. They will do a physical examination and answer questions.

Prospective patients also watch a short video about the transplant process. They are given written materials to help them understand the transplant process.

An interview is conducted by a specially trained transplant nurse. During this interview the following topics are discussed:

  • The entire transplant process from the moment a patient enters the program through surgery, discharge planning and outpatient follow-up;
  • The waiting period and the national waiting list, which determines when a patient receives organs;
  • The expected results following surgery; and
  • The patient's responsibilities for ongoing treatment.

To speak with someone about our services, please call 410-328-5408 or 1-800-492-5538.

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