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Founded in 2002 under the directorship of Steven M. Scharf M.D., Ph.D., the Sleep Disorders Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center and Medical School is fully accredited as a sleep disorders center by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  Dr. Scharf is a professor of medicine and is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary diseases and sleep. The associate program director is Dr. Avelino Verceles, an assistant professor of medicine and board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary disorders and sleep.

The center is multidisciplinary, operating with input from all of the requisite fields listed above. The center maintains an eight bed full-service sleep laboratory consisting of six adult and two pediatric beds. Our center sees the entire gamut of sleep disorders, including sleep related breathing disorders, insomnias, sleep related movement disorders and sleep related behavioral disorders. On staff, we currently have three full-time pulmonologists, one full-time neurologists, one full-time nurse practitioner and several part-time faculty consisting of neurologists, otolaryngologists, dentists, oral surgeons, a bariatric surgeon, a sleep behavioralist and a clinical psychologist.

Over 1200 laboratory sleep studies are performed each year, and approximately 800 new consultations are scheduled in our outpatient facility at the University Health Center. Important affiliated institutions nearby help round out our training program.

The Baltimore VA Medical Center, located across the street from the University of Maryland Medical Center, has a sleep program. The outpatient clinic serves veterans who suffer from a variety of sleep disorders. Finally, the University Specialty Hospital, located approximately six blocks from University of Maryland Medical Center, houses both the sleep lab and the site of an important inpatient and sleep laboratory rotation for the fellowship. With its on-site chronic ventilator/weaning ward, traumatic brain injury ward, and general rehabilitation facility, this facility devotes itself to the care and rehabilitation of our chronically ill patients.

The Sleep Medicine Fellowship at the University of Maryland

General Description: The sleep medicine fellowship is a one-year program designed to fulfill part of the requirements which eventually lead to certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Sleep Disorders. While administratively based in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care at the University of Maryland, this fellowship is opened to applicants from all of the allowable medical specialties.

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