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Photo of Doctor Carnell Cooper
Carnell Cooper, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Please nominate Dr. Cooper for a Nobel Peace Prize. His ideas & methods should be taught and used around the world.

This is awesome! I wish more trauma centers would have programs like this. Something can be done!! I applaud this man and appreciate his compassion!

Outstanding effort. How does Dr. Cooper sustain a program like this and also maintain his professional and personal life? Such an effort is all-absorbing.

I wish this program could be instituted in all hospitals across America in large cities and small towns where violence is high.

Dr. Cooper didn't look for a hero; he became one!

This is important work. I wish there were more being done. I see victims of gun violence, and it is heartbreaking what happens to their families. Thank you Dr. Cooper for what you are doing.

This has got to be the most exciting program that I have read or heard about in many years. Thank you all for your major contributions. Thank you Dr. Cooper for your humanity and vision.

I think this is a great program because it's changing the mind set of these individuals that sometimes do not realize what brought them there to the hospital in the first place.

Stories like this give others inspiration to also look beyond hopelessness and maybe do something to help our fellow man/woman. Those of us who have good lives should try to find opportunities to give to others as Dr. Cooper has done.

While we don't receive the amount of violent trauma in our facility you see, I am inspired to see how this may help in my work as a SANE. Thank you for making this article available.

This is the type of program we need for our children. I have a grandson that needs positive male mentors and role models. We need these in Chicago.

Once again this article shows how interconnected we all are. Thank you.

I really think this is the best program I have seen to help our black men to be able to survive in America these days. Keep up the good work and I would love to see a program like this in Chicago.

You are an angel Dr. Carnell Cooper. May God bless you and keep you safe

I live in Canada and hope to be able to help some child here because this reminded me of what a caring adult would have meant to me.

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