Promoting Healthy Alternatives to Teens (PHAT)

Promoting Healthy Alternatives for Teens currently operates as an (single session) after school/weekend program incorporating tours of the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC)  Shock Trauma Center (STC), testimonials of victims and perpetrators of violence, creative self-expression through spoken word poetry theatre and role playing exercises.

The program is designed to expose the youth to the positive and negative consequences associated with decision-making. PHAT programs are interactive in nature as the youth are introduced to a variety of hospital staff and are encouraged to make inquiries regarding their respective professions.

The purpose of the PHAT tours is to:

  • Encourage the youth to think about their futures

  • Identify healthy outlets for managing their feelings

  • Practice adaptive coping techniques

  • Recognize their strengths

  • Feel encouraged about making positive changes

The PHAT program works exclusively with The 5th L - creative poets performing spoken word theatre, creative poetry and role playing activities to stimulate the youths awareness of risk-taking behavior associated with violence. The 5th L has a passion for artistic expression and with their words they inspire in a positive way. Their motto, "never plead the 5th, but always speak the truth," is evident in their writings and performances.

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