SMART (Saving Maryland At Risk Teens)

SMART (Saving Maryland At Risk Teens)
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The High Risk Adolescent Trauma Prevention Program began in 1979 and has been expanding ever since. The target population of this program is high school participants with drug and/or alcohol related behaviors associated with driving and other various high-risk behaviors.

The program consists of a partnership including the surrounding metropolitan counties in coordination with the Department of Juvenile Justice Services, the Office of Substance Abuse and other agencies.

The program held at the Shock Trauma Center includes an on-site tour along with education about the consequences of drinking, drug use, and driving. Participants will view two different videos focusing on impaired driving and the life altering effects poor decision making can have. In addition, a problem solving session addresses alternative actions to avoid these situations. Research has indicated significant positive changes in attitudes toward drinking and driving, riding with someone who has been drinking, and preventing a friend from driving after drinking. The cost of this program is $60.00 per participant.