Leah Meredith and Judy Harrison

September 2013

Dear Ruth, Paige, and Brandy:

Yesterday and today we had our follow-up with the students that attended your presentations. You spoke to 180 from the numbers we tallied. The overwhelming response was that they loved the presentation and would definitely want you to come back!

The comments that we heard were that they do actually text and drive, they just don't want to admit it, especially to you.  The presentation was another wake-up call for them. They say they know they shouldn't do it, but every time they hear the message, it makes them put their phones down when they drive. All of the drivers admitted that when they were driving Tuesday and Wednesday, they were thinking about the message. One girl even told her mother to put the phone down or pull over so she could get out.

They thought it was cool that you all showed up in your scrubs.

They thought the film was graphic, but they did enjoy it. Many said they had no idea all of those events occurred when they extracted someone from the car. They also admitted they never thought about the part when the troopers had to go tell the parents.

But, the part that really got to most of them was Brandy. They really thought it was beneficial that she gave up a day of her life to come talk to them. They thought she was incredibly lucky -- and that's when they realized how lucky they were to have a facility like yours right here in Baltimore.

Thanks so much for giving your time and your energy (we could tell you both like talking to the kids) to come to our school. We all got a lot out of the presentation.

Leah Meredith and Judy Harrison

Health Teachers
Perry Hall High School