Patient Care Services

Photo of a patient being wheeled into Shock Trauma from helicopter pad
Patient wheeled to Shock Trauma from helicopter

The staff's proactive efforts across the continuum of care play a key role in full-filling Shock Trauma's mission to eradicate preventable death and disability. They stand ready 24 hours a day to serve the Citizens of the State of Maryland and beyond.

Our Values

We Commit to:

  • An interdisciplinary team approach to provide our community, the state of Maryland and the region with high quality cost efficient health care.
  • A patient/family-driven process of care based on respect for their informed decisions.
  • A continuum of care that maintains patient confidentiality and dignity within a caring environment.
  • A high performance workplace which demands that we solve problems, continuously learn, think critically and self-manage.
  • Respect all team members and their individual role, experiences, diversity and uniqueness.

For all patient information, please call 410-328-9284.

This page was last updated: July 31, 2013

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