Sleep Disorders

The University of Maryland Sleep Disorders Center treatment team features specialists from a broad range of medical disciplines, which includes the areas of:

  • pulmonary diseases

  • otolaryngology

  • psychiatry

  • dentistry

  • pediatric and adult neurology

The center offers comprehensive evaluation and management of a wide variety of sleep disorders including sleep disordered breathing, narcolepsy, insomnia, restless legs syndrome and many other problems. Dr. Scharf is the center director and is boarded in sleep disorders.

There is a busy outpatient practice, a 6-bedded sleep lab and numerous referral connections for the center. Extensive collaboration exists between pulmonary, cardiology, ENT, dentistry and neurology and problems are often handled in a multidisciplinary fashion.

There are monthly academic meetings of the center physicians. A rotation through the center is offered to pulmonary and neurology fellows. The center also serves as a resource for both the medial and general communities.

Research programs include the effects of CHF on sleep disordered breathing (with Dr. Gottlieb of Cardiology and the sleep center at Johns Hopkins), the effects of pacing on sleep disordered breathing (with Dr. Shorofsky of Cardiology), determinants of outcomes in sleep disordered breathing and economic impact of sleep disorders.

In addition, studies on the effects of chronic intermittent hypoxia, a model of sleep apnea, have been funded (Dr. Scharf PI) and will be carried out in the Physiological Genomics Center.

For further information about the sleep center, visit the University of Maryland Sleep Disorders Web site.

For More Information

Visit our comprehensive Maryland Sleep Disorders Center Web site.

To arrange for a sleep consultation, call 410-706-4771 for adult patients or 410-706-3285 for children.