Ankle Arthroscopy

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Most everyone knows about knee scopes and even shoulder scopes, but few people know that ankle arthroscopy can be very successful in treating patients with ankle pain.Ankle arthroscopy can be used to treat sports injuries, scar lesions in the joint, cartilage and bone injuries in the joint, mild arthritis and more.

Most commonly, only two small incisions on the front of the ankle are needed to address most problems. Ankle arthroscopy can also be used to assist in ligament reconstruction for those with unstable ankles as well as patients with fractures that affect the ankle joint.

Many ankle arthroscopy procedures are performed as an outpatient, and you can often walk as tolerated after the procedure. Most procedures are done with a nerve block that keeps you pain-free for 1-3 days after your surgery.

Ankle arthroscopy is just one of the ways that your care is tailored to your individual needs at the University of Maryland.

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This page was last updated: May 7, 2013

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