Resident Profiles

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University of Maryland Orthopaedic Residents 2013/2014

PGY-1 Interns

Eve Hoffman, MD

Paul Hovis, MD

Sean Meredith, MD

Neil Sardesai, MD

Mark Shasti, MD


Kenneth M. Chin, MD

Matthew W. Christian, MD

Aaron J. Johnson, MD

Jonathan T. Klaucke, MD

Thao Nguyen, MD


Benjamin Y. Chia, MD

Michael G. Hull, MD

David E Jaffe, MD

Ehsan Jazini, MD

Brian Shiu, MD


Cullen Griffith, MD

Jason Grieshober, MD

Paul E. Matuszewski, MD

Jeremiah E. Palmer, MD

Oliver Tannous, MD

PGY-5 Chief Residents

Adam Jester, MD

Sophia Leung, MD

Carissa Meyer, MD

Abimbola Obafemi, MD

Ebrahim Paryavi, MD, MPH

Mark Sando, MD

General Information

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