Thursday Conferences

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Department-wide conferences will occur weekly on every Thursday morning at University Hospital in the Gillespie Conference Center, with a rotation of Journal Club, Morbidity & Mortality Conference, Grand Rounds and Chairman's Case Presentation Conference, respectively, the first through fourth weeks of the month. In months with five Thursdays, the fifth week will be dedicated to a review of resident research projects, unless otherwise specified. Faculty and resident attendance at Thursday morning conferences is mandatory. Conferences begin promptly at 6:30 a.m., except for Grand Rounds which begins at 7:00 a.m.

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Morbidity & Mortality Conference

The Morbidity & Mortality Conference will occur on the second Thursday of each month. All of the complications from all clinical services of the faculty will be reviewed. Cases from each service will be presented by the respective senior/chief resident on that service, along with a pertinent analysis of the complication and recommendations for improvement in care. The total number of admissions, elective and emergent, as well as the total number of ambulatory and inpatient operations will be presented as a framework for discussion. A Morbidity & Mortality form must be filled out for each patient who is presented and submitted electronically to the Chairman and Residency Program Director no later than the end of business the day before the presentation.


Grand Rounds/Academic Conferences

Grand Rounds will be held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 a.m. Attendance is mandatory. Organization of these sessions and invitation of visiting speakers will be the direct responsibility of the Academic Chief Resident. After each Grand Rounds lecture, the residents will present cases to the visiting speaker for one hour. Each case should be reviewed with the appropriate faculty member before being presented to the grand rounds speaker.


Chairman's Case Presentation Conference

The Chairman's Case Presentation Conference will be held on the fourth Thursday of the month. For each conference, there will be three cases prepared for presentation. Each service will be responsible for case presentations on a rotating basis and assigned by the Academic Chief Resident. Cases are to be presented by the junior resident in formal presentation format without the use of visual aids other than appropriate radiographic studies. Computer slides are only to be used for digitized images. The senior service resident will present discussion of the formulation of the treatment plan. Discussion of the case will then be directed by the Chairman and Faculty in attendance. One journal article (non-review) must be provided to the Program Coordinator for each case for distribution to the residents and faculty. This should ideally be submitted no less than one week prior to the conference.


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