The University of Maryland Neurology Department extends the opportunity to observe a practicing physician in a clinical setting to International and Domestic Graduate Medical Students.  Observers are not permitted to provide patient care, unless under direct supervision and approval from the program director has been granted.  Observers do not receive academic credit, training leading to board certification or licensure, or continuing medical education credit for participating in an observership.  In order to receive an evaluation, certificate, or letter of recommendation, observers must complete at least 75 observership hours.

Observers are permitted to:

  • Round on patients with sponsoring University of Maryland faculty or residents
  • Observe Physician interactions with patients in an outpatient clinical setting
  • Discuss patient interactions with the sponsoring faculty or residents
  • Participate in Neurology Grand Rounds and other didactic activities

Application Procedures

1. To begin the application process, submit the following documents via email to the Neurology Education Office at

2. Next, begin the administrative processing procedures with our Volunteer Services Office:

  • Visit  and click on “Become a Volunteer”
  • Complete the volunteer application and health clearance form, and turn them in to the Volunteer Services Office along with the applicant’s childhood immunization or titer.  The Volunteer Office fax number is 410-328-2924. 

3. Once approved by the Program Director in the area of interest and cleared through the Volunteer Office, the Neurology Education Office will notify the applicant via email.  All applicants are then required to submit payment for their educational experience prior to observing in the Neurology Department. The fee is $500.00 per week, payable in advance.  Checks or money orders should be made payable to University of Maryland, Baltimore and mailed to:

Shanna Phillips

Department of Neurology

University of Maryland

110 S. Paca Street, 3rd Floor, office 03-100

Baltimore, MD  21201

4.  Once payment has been received, the applicant will be notified and scheduling will proceed.

**Please allow 10-15 days for application processing and approval once the application packet is received in full.  For more information or if you have any questions, please contact  

This page was last updated: June 5, 2014

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