Painful Neuropathy

Painful neuropathies are caused by damage to the nerve tissue. This can be from an injury, metabolic disturbance or infection. Patients often complain of burning, tingling, pins and needles and electric or stabbing pains. Sometimes normal sensations can be uncomfortable, like the bed sheets touching your feet.


Your health care provider may order several tests to find the cause of your nerve pain. This may include blood draws, nerve conduction study/electromyography, imaging (MRI or CT scan), or skin biopsy. Some patients may experience this neuropathy and have no known cause. Other patients my have an undiagnosed form of diabetic neuropathy.


If a reversible cause for your neuropathy is found then it will be treated. In addition, you may benefit from medication to lessen the painful sensations. There are several types of medications that can be used and not every medication works for each person.

For more information and/or to make an appointment with the Maryland Peripheral Neuropathy Center, please call 410-328-3100.

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