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Maryland Center for Multiple Sclerosis: Clinical Trials Open for Enrollment

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Opportunities are available for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis to participate in several new clinical trials at the University of Maryland Center for Multiple Sclerosis.  These studies are either currently enrolling or will be enrolling shortly.  The studies vary in design, duration, criteria for eligibility, number of MRI scans, and other details.  The following is a very brief summary of each study.  You may obtain further information by calling Kerry Naunton, R.N., 410-328-1885 or Karen Callison, R.N., 410-328-7602 at the MS Center.

  1. The Pfizer trial is a study of a drug known as RN-168 in patients with multiple sclerosis. This trial is a Phase I study which means that it is tested in a small number of patients for the first time. The medication is injected under the skin into the fatty tissues of the abdomen. Subjects will receive either RN 168 or placebo. The study will last approximately 6 months. This medication is being tested as a possible new therapy to treat multiple sclerosis.

    Investigator: Walter Royal, MD

    Eligibility: This trial is designed for people 18-55 years of age who have multiple sclerosis.
  2. The Novartis 2403 study is a long term, observational study for patients that have MS and are currently prescribed a MS medicine. Novartis would like to collect long-term safety information on patients that are newly prescribed GILENYA or are receiving another approved medication for the treatment of MS to monitor and further describe the safety of GILENYA. Therefore, this trial is asking patients to participate in a multicenter, observational research study for patients with multiple sclerosis, which has been designed to assess the long-term safety profile of GILENYA. You will be followed for a minimum period of 5 years to collect this observational data when you come in for your routine doctor visits.

    Investigator: Robert Shin, MD

    Eligibility:This trial is designed for patients that are prescribed and initiate fingolimod treatment at enrollment or patients who are treated with another disease modifying therapy as part of their routine clinical care and according to the locally approved label. Patients that have been on Gilenya before will not be eligible to participate.

Currently recruiting clinical trial opportunities are constantly changing. Please keep in touch if you are interested in trials!

For more information about the Maryland Center for Multiple Sclerosis, please call 410-328-5605.

This page was last updated: March 30, 2015

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