Our Medically Speaking podcasts are informative discussions with medical experts from Maryland Center for Multiple Sclerosis and the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Each podcast is approximately 10 minutes in length and covers a different multiple sclerosis topic.

Multiple Sclerosis Basics
In this interview Dr. Robert Shin, an MS specialist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, talks about the disease, gives a general overview of treatments and discusses research into new treatments for multiple sclerosis.

Living with MS/Multiple Sclerosis Treatments
In this interview, Dr. Robert Shin looks at the treatments for multiple sclerosis, many of which have been developed in the past two decades. He also discusses newer treatments and the role of exercise and physical therapy.

To reach any of the experts featured in our podcasts or other experts at the Maryland Center for Multiple Sclerosis, call 410-328-5605.

For more information about the Maryland Center for Multiple Sclerosis, please call 410-328-5605.

This page was last updated: June 10, 2013

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