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When I say the word “masculine”, what comes to mind? Strong? Maybe. Brave? Perhaps. Skin savvy? That one's a stretch. In fact, I can almost guarantee that “skin care expert” isn't at the top of your list. But it's 2011, and nowadays these so-called “opposites” really do attract! More men are realizing their skin care needs are just as important and relevant as their female counterparts'.  Here's the proof: men accounted for almost 10% of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures including chemical peels, IPL, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, Botox and fillers in 2010, and that number is only on the rise. Furthermore, gender-neutral at-home skin care products make it no longer taboo for a guy to keep a bottle of face wash in the shower or an exfoliator in the medicine cabinet. It's easier than ever for men to execute a daily routine and to educate themselves about readily available treatment options.

A man's skin is typically thicker and oilier than a woman's due to larger sebaceous glands. However, shaving can be abrasive, making the skin sensitive. Calming and healing products such as Obagi's Action and Tolereen are appropriate to create a balance. A common condition called pseudofolliculitis (i.e.””razor burn) can be avoided by shaving in a downward direction, following the pattern of hair growth. Also, regular exfoliation will keep follicles clean in order to avoid folliculitis, an infection characterized by inflammation and pus. If hair becomes trapped underneath the surface of the skin, a bacterial infection called folliculitis barbae can occur, marked by the presence of papules and pustules. This is predominantly seen in men with coarse and/or curly hair. Seek medical treatment to alleviate irritation, disinfect pustules, and desensitize the area if inflammation is persistent.

A consistent routine in the privacy of home is a vital component to maintaining healthy skin. While men's skin care needs do vary slightly from women's, the basics are the still the same. Some of my favorites for both men and women include Obagi Nu-Derm® Foaming Gel Cleanser, Toner, Clear (4% hydroquinone), Tretinoin .05% (Retin-A), ELASTIderm®  Eye Cream and Sun Shield SPF 50. And guys, let's face it. You're busy. Between deadlines at work, family responsibilities, and other obligations, you've got little time to spare. However, big results can be achieved in a small amount of time! Dedicate five to ten minutes a day to achieve optimum results. That's it! After properly caring for your skin, you'll look and feel rested and ready to face the world (even if quite the opposite is true!).

Also guys, don't be afraid to seek the advice of an aesthetician or a physician. According to the International Spa Association (ISPA), men now account for 31 percent of active spa-goers. A male-friendly, relaxed atmosphere coupled with non-fragrant customized products make beneficial spa treatments such as steaming and deep cleansing a favorite of male clients. In addition, a physician can provide suitable options for both men and women by means of Botox® and fillers, IPL and laser hair removal, chemical peels, and plastic surgery. Men, the statistics prove that there's no shame in caring for your skin. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our office at (410) 328-3223. Thank you for reading the Maryland Medical Spa blog and have a wonderful day!

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