Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert enables patients and caregivers to submit questions directly to physicians within the University of Maryland Liver Center. This Ask the Expert feature enables doctors to provide answers to general questions about liver conditions, treatments and lifestyle. Personal questions regarding specific patients should be handled directly with the patient's healthcare provider.

Liver transplantation - Dr. Rolf Barth (See Archive)

Liver/hepatobiliary cancer - Dr. Nader Hanna (See Archive)

Living donor liver transplant - Dr. John LaMattina (See Archive)

NanoKnife IRE - Dr. Fred Moeslein (See Archive)

Peritoneal cancer (HIPEC) - Dr. Nader Hanna (See Archive)

Radiation Oncology Program - Dr. Steven Feigenberg (See Archive)

Radiation Therapy - Dr. Wendla Citron (See Archive)

SIR-Spheres - Dr. Navesh Sharma (See Archive)

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