Realistic Expectations

It's important to go into laser vision surgery with realistic expectations. Many advertisements on radio, television and in the newspaper guarantee that you can "Throw away your glasses." These types of ads are in fact misleading to people considering LASIK.

While it is true that most patients having the LASIK or PRK procedure will not require glasses or contacts afterwards, some patients will require reading glasses or thin pair of glasses for activities such as night driving. It is best not to think of the procedure as elimination of your glasses, but as reducing your functional dependence upon them and improving your vision.

Below is a sample of realistic goals of laser vision surgery:

  • To be less dependent on glasses

  • To enjoy an active lifestyle, including playing sports, without being totally dependent on or restricted by corrective lenses

  • To be able to see the clock in the morning

  • To swim without wearing contacts

  • To care for a child in the middle of the night

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