Our surgeon firmly believes that a detailed patient evaluation, a well-informed patient and meticulous surgical technique are the best assurances that each patient will have a successful outcome of refractive surgery.

Ramzi K. Hemady, MD
Director, University Laser Vision Center

Dr. Hemady, an associate professor of ophthalmology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, has been at the forefront of refractive surgery since 1991.

He received his medical degree in 1984, and his education included sub-specialization in the fields of cornea and refractive surgery at the Harvard School of Medicine's Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

Dr. Hemady, who has extensive experience performing and teaching corneal surgical procedures, is frequently asked to make presentations at national and international scientific meetings, where experts attend to learn from his work and experience. He has also published numerous articles, book chapters and abstracts on many ophthalmology-related topics, including laser vision correction.

Helping Others

Every year, Dr. Hemady helps people overseas. Patients in underdeveloped countries who lack access to quality medical care are more likely to suffer from cataracts, which frequently result in blindness. Through cataract surgery, a common procedure in the United States, Dr. Hemady has restored sight and given hope to hundreds of people.

You can help too. Bring any glasses you no longer need to the University Laser Vision Center. We will match your old prescription with a patient from a developing country who can't afford glasses.

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