Non-Surgical Treatments

Treatment Options

Non-Surgical Treatments

Maryland Heart Center cardiologists offer the latest medical treatments for patients with both simple and complex cardiac conditions.

Some of these treatments are listed below:Photo of a medical professional performing and angioplasty

  • Angioplasty - a procedure used to open or widen blocked coronary arteries and improve blood flow to the heart.
  • Lariat for Atrial Fibrillation - a groundbreaking procedure which ties off a clot-forming portion of the heart in A-fib patients, sparing the need to take blood thinners and lowering stroke risk.

  • Radiofrequency Ablation - a procedure that uses a catheter and a device for mapping the electrical pathways of the heart. After you are given medicine to relax you, a catheter is inserted into a vein and guided to your heart. Using high-frequency radio waves, doctors can destroy (ablate) the pathways causing the arrhythmia.
  • Stenting - a coronary stent implant is a therapeutic cardiac procedure that involves placing a stent, a small mesh-like wire tube, in a narrowed artery to keep it open and expanded. The stent is left permanently in place in the artery and it is usually done following angioplasty.

  • Valvuloplasty - a non-surgical procedure performed to open narrowed heart valves. During the procedure, a catheter is guided through the heart and positioned through the diseased heart valve. Balloons on the catheter are inflated, enlarging the opening through the valve and improving blood flow through the heart and to the rest of the body. This allows the heart to pump more effectively, reduces pressure in the heart and lungs, and reduces symptoms.

  • Heart Medicines/Pharmacology - Heart Center cardiologists monitor and adjust medications to treat cardiac conditions and reduce the risk of future heart problems. Heart medications are an important part of the treatment process, as they can help by:
    • preventing blood clots
    • thinning the blood
    • reducing cholesterol
    • lowering blood pressure
    • correcting abnormal heart rhythms
    • improving heart function
    • controlling heart failure

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