Services and Treatments

Cardiogenetic Testing

The University of Maryland Heart Center is one of the few centers in the region to provide a special group of geneticists and cardiologists who are equipped to test for genetic conditions of the heart. Patients with a known history of non-atherosclerotic heart disease are encouraged to get their family members tested so they can take steps to prevent unnecessary death from cardiac emergencies.

Cardiovascular Medicine

The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine provides the most advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures for patients with heart disease, and offers a complete array of services including prevention programs, cardiac rehabilitation, and a chest pain evaluation center.

Diagnostic Tests

University of Maryland Heart Center cardiologists use a wide variety of diagnostic tests to determine if patients have heart disease and to monitor disease progression. 

Medical/Non-Surgical Treatments

University of Maryland Heart Center cardiologists offer the latest medical treatments for patients with both simple and complex cardiac conditions.

Pediatric Cardiac Services

The Children's Heart Program specializes in providing medical and surgical treatment options for children and adults with congenital heart disease.

Support Services

The University of Maryland Heart Center provides a variety of support services to our patients. From offering physical therapy after surgery to giving customized nutrition advice, our staff members are always there to support patients before, during, and after their treatment.

Surgical Treatments

The University of Maryland Heart Center offers an extensive range of cardiac surgical services, from repairing congenital heart defects in infants and children to performing heart transplantations and other complex procedures for high-risk adult patients.

Please call if you would like to make an appointment or talk to someone about our services. Patients dial 1-866-408-6885, physicians dial 410-328-6622 or 1-800-318-1019.

This page was last updated: February 3, 2014

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