Women's Heart Health Program

The goal of the Women's Heart Program at the University of Maryland Heart Center is to improve care for women with heart disease and raise awareness of issues that women face when receiving cardiac care.

The symptoms of heart disease that women experience are often difficult to recognize both for patients and providers. The Women's Heart Health Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center helps to determine whether or not patients actually have heart disease or other issues that may mimic heart disease. 

The program offers thorough assessments to address women's heart health needs. This includes offering preventive strategies, risk stratification, assessment of cholesterol, blood sugar levels, family history, and cardiogenetic testing

When to Seek Care

Women should seek medical help if they have decreased exercise tolerance, breathlessness with exertion, increasing fatigue or decreased stamina for no clear reason. Women with these symptoms need to determine their heart risk and seek assessment by a qualified cardiac provider.

This page was last updated: February 3, 2014

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