Cardiothoracic Transplant

About Our Cardiothoracic Transplant Program

The University of Maryland cardiothoracic transplant program is considered a national leader in heart and lung transplantation thanks to the high volume of transplants performed, the deep experience of the surgical team, and the development of heart and lung assist devices that UM has pioneered for the benefit of transplant patients around the country. The University of Maryland cardiothoracic transplant program has given new life, energy and possibilities to people whose lives had been restricted by debilitating disease.

In addition to those who have received heart or lung transplants, the program has greatly improved the lives of hundreds of other patients by identifying other treatments -- from advanced medicines to artificial heart pumps -- that successfully postponed or prevented the need for transplantation.

The University of Maryland cardiothoracic transplant program has every treatment option available to help patients at all stages of heart and lung failure. This means the transplant team has more tools at their disposable to ensure that every patient gets the unique pre- or post-transplant care that they need. 

In addition, we are committed to developing promising new approaches to the care of individuals with end-stage heart and lung disease. In this way we are often able to offer patients who have no other good choices an opportunity to participate in clinical research trials that are not available elsewhere.

We have built a team of exceptionally well-trained, committed and gifted physicians, nurses, social workers, researchers and counselors whose special expertise guarantees that our patients receive the best treatment available. We are confident that as new advances are made -- and as we help to make them -- we will be able to help more people in the future.

The program includes:

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