Cardiac Anesthesia

Cardiac Anesthesia works collaboratively with the Division of Cardiac Surgery to care for patients undergoing a wide range of surgical procedures related to heart and lung disease.

The Division of Cardiac Anesthesia at the University of Maryland has helped people with serious heart conditions to improve their quality of life. Our experienced cardiac anesthesiologists offer comprehensive patient evaluations before any surgical procedure. Once in the operating room, cardiac anesthesiologists provide a deep understanding and rich clinical experience necessary to achieve outstanding patient outcomes.

The team uses transesophageal echocardiography to look for and assess cardiac abnormalities and to assess the results of certain surgical procedures. Our cutting-edge technology, such as advanced neurologic monitoring and detailed coagulation tests, help us provide a safe and controlled operative environment, which continues after the cardiac surgery is complete. 

Cardiac anesthesia offer a comprehensive Perioperative Blood Conservation Program at the University of Maryland, designed to minimize the use of blood products and intended to provide a safe environment for cardiac patients who want to minimize their exposure to blood products either because of their religious beliefs or because they have known contraindications to blood elements.

The Division of Cardiac Anesthesia is committed to developing innovative and leading-edge approaches in the areas of brain protection and heart failure during surgical procedures.

This page was last updated: August 4, 2014

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