Complex Disease Program

The Complex Heart Disease Program at the Maryland Heart Center offers screening, preventive strategies and care for patients who have grown up with complex, or structural, heart disease.

Services Offered

In addition to regular heart disease screening and other preventive strategies, the Complex Heart Disease Program also offers care for women through their pregnancies to help diagnose issues that may occur during or from the pregnancy, and to treat conditions that may have preceded the pregnancy.

The program also offers cardiogenetic services to its patients through the dedicated genetics department at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Genetics services are integrated into cardiac care, which allows the program's physicians to screen families, better diagnose patients and better utilize novel treatments to address a number of different heart concerns.

Physician Education

An important component of the Complex Heart Disease Program at the University of Maryland Heart Center involves providing education for patients' primary care providers and general cardiologists to allow them to help address the patients' needs overtime. Physicians in this program are also happy to talk to patients' families and friends about their care as requested.

Treatment Team

The Complex Heart Disease Program includes both a pediatric heart doctor, as well as an adolescent and adult cardiac care provider. These physicians collaborate immediately during assessments to provide the best individualized care for each patient.

This page was last updated: August 1, 2014

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