Clinical Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Training Program


Instructions for Completing An Application for Fellowship in Cardiac Electrophysiology

Please download*, complete and forward one copy of the application form.

Note: We require certification via the 3 parts of the ABME examination or FLEX. This is mandated by the University of Maryland Department of Medicine for all fellowship applicants. Please give the appropriate dates and/or scores.

It is not necessary to supply documentary evidence for any information already covered on the application. Proof of residency and fellowship are required.

Please attach a copy of your CV with three letters of recommendation. At least one should directly address your experience and skill in clinical cardiology at your university training program. Once we receive all documents, we will notify you for an interview. All letters of recommendation should be submitted in enclosed envelopes and included with your application materials.

Please forward all documents to:

Jeneen Bishop
Academic Coordinator
Department of Medicine
University of Maryland
22 S. Greene Street, Room S2C22
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Thank you for your cooperation

If you have any questions regarding the application, please call 410-328-8278 or E-mail:

This page was last updated: May 28, 2013

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