Cardiothoracic Surgical Residency

Integrated Cardiothoracic Surgical Residency Training Program

Application Information

The University of Maryland, Baltimore is accepting applications for its Integrated Cardiothoracic Surgical Residency Training Program. Six-year program with opportunity to spend 1-2 additional years in basic or translational research in cardiovascular medicine or to pursue graduate degree in related or ancillary field (P.P.H., M.B.A., M.S., or Ph.D.).

Overarching comprehensive curriculum is tightly focused and will prepare you to be a uniquely trained cardiovascular surgeon able to take advantage of the new opportunities in cardiovascular medicine.  Objective of this novel training pathway is to provide you with total immersion into the diagnosis and management of all aspects of cardiovascular and thoracic diseases through multi-disciplinary training that better prepares you for new challenges.

For more information please contact: 

Jaime R. Smith-Williams
Cardiothoracic Academic Coordinator
University of Maryland Medical Center
Division of Cardiac Surgery
110 S. Paca Street, 7th Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Phone: 410-328-5842
Fax: 410-328-2750

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 1-866-408-6885.

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