Hybrid OR

Hybrid OR

The cardiac Hybrid OR brings together the best of cardiology and the best of cardiac surgery by providing a diagnostic and operative environment with the most advanced imaging technology and surgical robotics. Patients in this OR can receive treatments ranging from stents all the way to minimally invasive bypass surgery. The use of the surgical robotics and the ability to perform closed-chest heart bypass surgery differentiate this Hybrid OR from nearly every other hybrid OR in the U.S.

Patients will undergo hybrid, or combined, procedures, such as TECAB (totally endoscopic coronary artery bypass) and balloon angioplasty with stenting in the same session. Heart valve implantation and repair of the thoracic aorta through a tiny access in the groin will also be performed in this high-tech environment. All these procedures are able to be performed in this hybrid setting without opening the chest, leading to faster recovery times for the patient.

The hybrid OR enables the highest levels of quality control and houses the most modern surgical equipment to facilitate quick, informed decision-marking amongst interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists, perfusionists and radiologists. Cutting-edge X-ray and 3-D imaging devices allow the clinical team to provide the highest quality care by allowing them to view the structures and repairs inside the body in near real-time so that they can evaluate the procedure and begin more advanced operations immediately, if necessary.

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