Cardiac Surgery OR Tour

This heart operating room (OR) surgery tour consists of a series of video clips designed to give patients and their families an idea of what to expect before, during and after surgery at UMMC. You will also get to meet many members of our staff who you may see during your surgical visit.

Surgery Consult Nurses

Surgical Consult

Meet the clinical and administrative professionals in the cardiac surgery office who help schedule and coordinate your office visits with your cardiac surgeon.

Dr. James Gammie

Robotic Surgery

UMMC has two surgical robots and a surgical robotic training console. We use these for cardiac, otolaryngology (ENT), urology and gynecological surgery. The robotic surgery training for our residents and fellows occurs in our MASTRI (Maryland Advanced Simulation, Training, Research and Innovation) Center.

Preparing for Surgery Video

Preparing for Surgery

After you and your surgeon have made the decision to have surgery, you will work with the professionals in our PREP (Patient Readiness and Evaluation Program) Center in person or via phone to make sure that you are OK to undergo surgery.

Same Day Surgery Video

Same Day Surgery

A team of clinical professionals will prepare you for surgery once you arrive the day of your surgery. They will make sure we have all necessary information on you and your clinical condition to ensure your safety.

Same Day Surgery Arrival

Day of Surgery Arrival

The Healing Garden is where your family will wait and be cared for during your surgical procedure.

General OR Prep Video

General OR Prep

On your way into the OR you may see a charge nurse. It is this nurse's sole job to coordinate the flow of surgical patients coming in and out of the 25 general ORs at UMMC. This ensures that patients are prioritized, resources allocated, and staff assigned as needed to you and your care team.

Cardiac Anesthesiology video

Cardiac Anesthesiology

An anesthesiologist specially trained in cardiac anesthesiology will provide your anesthesia. In addition, the anesthesiologist and specially trained sonographers will monitor your heart using state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment.

Cardiac Care video

Cardiac Care

These nurses are specially trained in cardiac surgery and have the skills and knowledge to meet your patient care needs.

Preparing Resources for Surgery video

Preparing Resources for Surgery

Having the correct and sterile supplies, instruments and equipment our surgical team needs in order to make your surgery successful is critical. The professionals in the Central Sterile Processing Department and the Perioperative Distribution Center make sure this happens every day for every patient.

Perfusion Program video

Perfusion Program

Sometimes when your surgeon works on your heart, your blood must be oxygenated by heart/lung machines. Perfusionists are specially trained, certified professionals who run and maintain these machines and are part of the cardiac surgical team.

Radiation Technician video

Radiology Technicians

Radiology techs work in the OR. They are specially trained to operate mobile X-ray machines, C-arms (used for fluoroscopic imaging) and angiography machines in the OR. This provides our patients with the latest technology during their surgical procedures.

Medical Technologist video

Medical Technologist

The laboratory runs a STAT lab in the OR to ensure that the clinical teams receive expedited turn-around time of lab tests required by the cardiac team during your surgical procedure.

Pharmacy video


We have a pharmacy located in the OR to ensure that the clinical teams have timely access to all medications required during your surgical experience.

Post Operative Care

Post-Operative Care

After your cardiac surgery you will go to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for recovery. Here you will be cared for by a team of professionals including cardiac-trained physician intensivists, trained nurses and patient care technicians.

If you have any questions about the information provided, please call the PREP Center at 410-328-5750 or 1-888-328-6669 (long distance callers). We are open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Ask to speak to a PREP coordinator; they can help you understand how to prepare for your surgery. 

This page was last updated: July 29, 2014

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