Progressive Care Unit

Inpatient Cardiology Units

The Progressive Care Unit (PCU) is a 24-bed unit that provides 24-hour care to adult patients diagnosed with medical cardiac conditions who require telemetry monitoring. Patients are admitted and followed by the Cardiology Service for management of cardiac diagnoses, arrhythmia detection and care after cardiac interventional procedures.

Patients in the PCU are covered by either the Complex Cardiology Service (CCS) or the Primary Cardiology Service (PCS). The CCS cares for patients with a primary diagnosis of heart failure and/or pulmonary hypertension. Patients before and after heart transplant are also cared for by this service. The PCS cares for patients with a primary diagnosis of myocardial infarction, rhythm disturbances, hypertensive emergency and acute coronary syndrome.

Patient care rounds with the medical and nursing staff occur every morning to discuss the clinical progress and the plan of care for each patient. Additional rounds that include all members of the interdisciplinary team occur each afternoon. These rounds include, but are not limited to the case manager, doctor, patient care coordinator, nurse, occupational therapist, physcial therapist, Speech therapist, nutritionist, and social worker. The plan of care is documented on the Interdisciplinary Electronic Plan of Care and/or on Clinical Pathways. Clinical Pathways, utilized primarily in the PCU, includes Interventional Cardiology, Pacemaker and/or ICD Pathways.

A case manager provides Monday-Friday coordination of care for all cardiac patients in the PCU, focusing on discharge planning, high-risk patient care coordination, and third-party payer communication.

The PCU is a recipient of the prestigious Beacon Award from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN). The award recognizes the top intensive care units in the country. The PCU is the first progressive care unit in Maryland to win this award. To receive the award, the staff on a unit must submit an application with data demonstrating that the unit meets rigorous criteria for excellence, exhibits high-quality standards and provides exceptional care for patients and their families. The unit must also show that it fosters and sustains a healthy work environment. Units are evaluated on patient outcomes, evidence-based practice and research, leadership and organizational ethics, excellence and innovation in recruitment and retention, education, training and mentoring, and promoting healing environments.

Please call if you would like to make an appointment or talk to someone about our services. Patients dial 1-866-408-6885, physicians dial 410-328-6622 or 1-800-318-1019.

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