Success Stories

Patient Success Stories

Photo of Jack Myers with his great grandchildren

The University of Maryland Heart Center is recognized as a regional leader in providing advanced cardiac treatment for adults and children. Meet some of our patients and read about their life-changing experiences. These are the sort of successes that University of Maryland Heart Center physicians and staff make possible every day.

Aortic Valve Surgery

John Bresland: Aortic valve surgery patient and his wife praise UM Heart Center staff for excellent care.

Jack Myers: Aortic valve surgery patient enjoying time with great grandchildren. (Read Jack's Emotional Update).

Michael Brown: 57-year-old man performs at his Tai Chi Black Belt ceremony just 3 weeks after surgery.

William Wisener: 80-year-old aortic stenosis patient grateful for minimally invasive aortic valve replacement surgery.

Garry Clarke: Aortic valve replacement patient has a new lease on life.

Tony Foreman: Aortic valve replacement patient "back in the gym" soon after surgery.

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Richard Stansbury: Clydesdale farmer back on his tractor two weeks after Robotic Heart Bypass surgery.

Douglas Martin: Robotic CABG patient climbs a mountain three months after heart surgery

Ronald Bress: Internet connects robot-assisted triple bypass heart surgery patient with UMMC

Charles Pugh: Robotic bypass procedure saves patient from open heart surgery

Roger Suter: After robot-assisted heart bypass surgery, Roger Suter says the difference is like "night and day."

Heart Transplant

Dan Scott: Kidney transplant recipient from Colorado moves to Baltimore for career and gets second transplant, a heart, at UMMC. 

Greg Small: Young veteran gets heart transplant and runs first half-marathon. 

David Krech: Rare heart/liver transplant saves the life of a young Georgia man who sought care at UMMC.

Ralph Davis: Heart transplant gives husband and father of three a new lease on life.

Michael Yater: 51-year-old Essex man blasts his way through Baltimore's biggest blizzard to receive his new heart. Michael Yater makes pitch for organ donation at Orioles game.

Mitral Valve Repair Surgery

Elizabeth Norris: Virginia Woman Shares the Story of Her Successful Mitral Valve Repair

David Kubiatowicz: Minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery patient shares his detailed story and photos.

(Video)Leon Cosby : Learn more about this minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery patient's story by watching interviews with him, his family and our medical experts.

Kent Krueger: Patient finds leading cardiac surgeon on the Internet, flies from Arizona for mitral valve repair.

Pulmonary Hypertension

Margaret Martins: Pulmonary hypertension patient says there was 'remarkable change' after PTE surgery

Pulmonary Embolism

Kim Broll: Emergency lung surgery for pulmonary emboli reveals heart defect.

Martin Hill: Patient undergoes surgery for pulmonary emboli and DVT.


Sandra Unitas: Routine heart screening and tests save the life of the wife of Johnny Unitas.

Kathleen Shanks: With the help of a new, non-invasive test, University of Maryland Medical Center employee discovers blocked artery.

Sandra Lanier: Unique heart surgery changes woman's life.

David Fisher: Anatomy and physiology teacher recovers well from quadruple bypass thanks to healthy lifestyle before surgery.

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