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In Maryland, University of Maryland Physicians Care for the Most Heart Surgery Patients - University of Maryland Medical Center

At the University of Maryland Heart and Vascular Center, we have the expertise to handle everything from routine angioplasty to complex transplant procedures. Our diverse experience and deep knowledge of cardiovascular issues provide you with a level of care not available elsewhere. You can feel confident that an expert team is overseeing your care, regardless of your diagnosis or complexity of your condition.

Cardiovascular Disease Treatment at the University of Maryland

Your heart is in expert hands at the University of Maryland Heart and Vascular Center. Our  team includes specialists from every field of cardiovascular care, including cardiologists with deep experience in medical and interventional therapies, and heart and vascular surgeons who specialize in complex surgeries and minimally-invasive procedures. Meet our team.

Cardiovascular Care: Treatments We Provide

Learn more about the treatments and services we provide:

  • Adult Congenital Heart Program

    Our adult congenital heart disease specialists help patients transition from pediatric to adult care, managing their unique heart health needs.
  • Advanced Heart Failure Program

    University of Maryland’s Advanced Heart Failure Program provides comprehensive treatment options for all stages of heart failure.

  • Aortic Disease (Center for Aortic Disease)

    Our aortic disease specialists work together to treat and manage even the most complex aortic conditions, using minimally invasive endovascular procedures.
  • Arrhythmia Program

    We provide a full range of arrhythmia services and treatments, including many not widely available, like pediatric care, device troubleshooting and 3D imaging.
  • Cardiac Anesthesia

    Cardiac anesthesiologists provide comprehensive pain management care for our heart patients, including neurologic monitoring during procedures.
  • Cardiac Diagnosis

    Our heart specialists combine their extensive experience with the most advanced diagnostic technology to find the correct heart diagnosis for each patient.
  • Cardiogenetic Testing

    Our geneticists and cardiologists provide a comprehensive evaluation to test family members for genetic conditions of the heart.
  • Children's Heart Program

    Our children’s heart team provides medical and surgical care for children with congenital heart disease, starting before birth and continuing to adulthood.
  • Coronary Revascularization

    We have one of the busiest coronary programs in the region, where our heart specialists perform hundreds of revascularization procedures each year.
  • Endovascular Surgery

    We repair complex cardiovascular conditions using a minimally invasive endovascular approach, leading to a shorter recovery for you.
  • Heart & Lung Transplant Program

    Our heart and lung transplant survival rates consistently rank above the national average, and our doctors are leaders in the development, testing and implementation of Ventricular Assist Devices and ECMO.
  • Limb Preservation Program

    The experts at the Limb Preservation Clinic at the University of Maryland Medical Center are committed in providing multidisciplinary care to aggressively address the factors which lead to limb loss.
  • Preventive Cardiology (Center for Preventive Cardiology)

    We are committed to prevention and early detection of heart disease. Our Preventive Cardiology Program helps you lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Pulmonary Hypertension

    Our Pulmonary Hypertension Program is dedicated exclusively to patients with all types of pulmonary hypertension, including those with complex, advanced disease.
  • Support Services for Cardiac Patients

    We offer robust support services for our heart patients, including nutrition services and cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Valve Disease Program

    We provide personalized care, while at the same time performing the high number of valve repairs and replacements needed to develop expertise and achieve top results.
  • Vascular Disease Program

    The University of Maryland Heart and Vascular Center has one of the top vascular surgery programs in the region with physicians who are unmatched at diagnosing and treating all aspects of vascular disease.
  • Women’s Heart Health Program

    Our Women’s Heart Program improves care for women with heart disease and raises awareness of unique challenges women face in heart health.

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