Aortic Disease

University of Maryland Medical Center's Center for Aortic Disease Co-directors Robert Crawford, MD, and Bradley Taylor, MD, MPH

At the Center for Aortic Disease, our team of specialists works together to provide effective, long-term and comprehensive care for our patients.

Collaboration is at the core of what we do since many of our patients have both aortic disease and high blood pressure (hypertension). Our surgical team – led by Center for Aortic Disease Co-Directors Robert Crawford, MD, and Bradley Taylor, MD, MPH – joins our medical team – Stacy Fisher, MD, and Wallace Johnson, MD – to provide the advanced surgery you need with intensive follow-up care to keep your blood pressure under control. 

Our center has a reputation for having the expertise and skill to handle any type of aortic problem, including aortic dissection and aneurysm. Meet our team.

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Conditions Treated

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Patient Success Stories

Carl Adams was outside working one day and suddenly felt chest pains. He thought he was having a heart attack, but after a trip to the hospital it was discovered that he had an aortic dissection, a potentially life-threatening condition in which a tear causes bleeding in the inner wall of the aorta. 

In a pinch, he and his family decided to come to the University of Maryland Medical Center because of previous positive experiences. Carl was operated on by Robert Crawford, MD, and made a full recovery. Watch this video to hear more about Carl's story. 

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At the University of Maryland's Center for Aortic Disease, we are focused on providing the most advanced treatments for your conditions. Research and participating in clinical trials allows us to the stay at the forefront of care for our patients. Read more about our research projects.