Cardiac Surgery Step-down Unit

The Cardiac Surgery Step-Down Unit is a 23-bed unit that provides care to adult patients requiring pre- and post-operative care for heart surgery. There are 17 private and 6 semi-private beds, all with telemetry monitoring. This feature allows the heart team to monitor you 24 hours a day.

Features of our Cardiac Surgery Step-Down Unit

Many patients come to the University of Maryland for specialized cardiac surgery that may not be available at other heart centers. Some of these patients have traveled long distances to come to our facility. To accommodate our patients:

  • We offer open and flexible visiting hours for families.
  • All private rooms have a fold-open chair for family sleepovers. 
  • There is a kitchen with a stove for patient and family use.

Relationship-Based Care at our Heart and Vascular Center

We practice Relationship Based Care in our Step-Down Unit. In this model, the relationship between the nurse, patient and family is at the core of the patient care experience. The goal is to find out what matters to you and your family so we can create an optimal healing environment for you. We achieve this through:

  • Primary coordinating nurse (PCN): You will be assigned a primary coordinating nurse (PCN) when you are admitted to the unit. The PCN is responsible for coordinating care throughout your stay in the step-down unit. 
  • Patient involvement: You and your family are included in the planning of care and setting daily goals. This includes daily goals and discharge-related goals on the whiteboard in the patient's room.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 1-866-408-6885.