Cardiac ICU

The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CCU) is a 19-bed unit dedicated exclusively to our heart patients. In the CCU, we provide 24-hour care to adult heart patients who need intensive care and hemodynamic (blood flow) monitoring.

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit: Advanced Care for Heart Patients

Our heart specialists carefully plan your treatment and coordinate with each other to discuss your progress and next steps. Collaboration is at the core of what we do. You are always receiving the expertise of specialists from many different areas of heart care. This ensures you get the most comprehensive, effective care possible.

Our intensive care includes:

  • Morning rounds: Medical and nursing staff hold rounds every morning to discuss each patient’s progress and plan of care.
  • Afternoon rounds: A more extensive team holds additional rounds in the afternoon. Participants may include:
    • Case manager
    • Physician
    • Nurse
    • Patient care coordinator
    • Occupational, physical and speech therapist
    • Nutritionist
    • Social worker
    • Palliative care staff member

Patients in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Patients in our CCU are those who require intensive, round-the-clock heart care. These include patients who:

Heart Intensive Care: Resources and Support

A heart crisis affects more than just your heart—there are other physical and emotional effects as well. In addition, your health situation can affect your family and loved ones. We offer many resources and support services to help you and your loved ones get through this challenging time. Learn more about:

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